Windsor High School Club e-sports: Entering the Small but Growing Arena of Tech Competition

Brianna Bailey, Contributing Writer

E-sports is a form of competition sports using video games, and often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video games competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. The top four most anticipated e-sports events for 2019 are as follows. 2019 Fortnite World Cup ($100 million prize money), League of Legends World Cup Championship, The International, Call of Duty World League. (CWL).  Only recently, in 2016, did this sport make it into Connecticut high school competition.

WHS e-sports team is one of a still small but growing list and is run by Mr. Brian Bartolotta, who teaches Intro to Wood Technology, and Mechanics, to all grades. 

“I started running e-sports because it is a valuable asset for students to be a part of a team and to have the same opportunity as other students that play sports,” said Bartolotta,

The WHS e-sports team meets every Monday and Tuesday, and competes using the game, “League of Legends,” although Mr. B says “I hope that next year this will be changing. I want to play with ‘Rocket League.’”

The club is open to all genders, and everybody is welcome to try out for a spot on the team. All students in good academic standing can qualify to join the team, along with the requisite skills. 

The purpose of e-sports is the same as it is for any other sports team: To learn, to compete, and to build teamwork and cooperation. Competing against other schools gives our students a chance to win at what they are good at, while getting a sense of what other people like, and how they spend their free time.

E-sports does not travel to any other schools or places for competition. It is an in-classroom event. However, Mr. B thinks the WHS e-sports team may get to travel should they qualify for the State Championship.

Mr. Bartolotta looks for commitment, good hand-eye coordination, team work, communication skills, and showing up on time for all practices and games, which indicates they are committed to becoming better. 

The e-sports competition is tournament style, where the team competes against teams from other schools. “League of Legends” (The game platform they are using for this year’s competition) is a game consisting of five competitors on each team. Players have their own positions and have to coordinate with each other as a team to complete an objective. 

The team competes with a number of schools, including, Manchester High, Woodstock Academy, Western High, Brien McMahon High, Newtown, and AEROspace. 

Currently, Manchester High is in first place. This is Manchester’s second year competing in e-sports and Mr. Bartolotta thinks that they are so good because they have had more team practices and have played with each other longer. They are used to their teammates and communicating with the same people. This is Windsor High’s first year in e-sports and we are in fourth place. 

Finally, Mr. Bartolotta says that he is “looking forward to opening up the spring season with ‘Rocket League’ and ‘Smite.’”