WHS Fantástico Art Show


Kelsey Allard, Executive Student Journalist

The extraordinary Windsor High School Art Show that happens every year, displaying mesmerizing pieces of artwork and exhibiting student creativity, has once again, not failed to impress.

Students and teachers flooded into the WHS library to see examples of art, with symbolism, heart and emotion. Several students were challenged by their teachers to analyze the art, trying to find the crux of the artists’ pieces, while others wished that they could talk to and know the artists personally. It seemed that  some pieces were jumping out at the viewers, waiting for their story to be told.

Here’s a few words from the student body who viewed the art show:

From this student journalist: The beautiful shell necklace(top left), made by a 10th grade student who prefers to remain anonymous, shows a connection to the beach and the outdoors away from people, and in a time of quiet. The shells are all different, and like people, have their own way to shine and their own way of sparkling and lighting up the room with their beautiful depiction of the beach in this extravagant shell form.  This beautiful form of jewelry lights wherever you go, and the moments you wear it. Excellent job 🙂