We Listened: The Newspaper is Rebranding


Miles Jeffers , Student Editor and Contributor

Your school newspaper here at Windsor High School is working hard to make the necessary changes to become a better and more enjoyable experience and resource. Previously known as the Tomahawk, the Windsor Wire will return after Thanksgiving break better than ever! 


Changes being made 

At Windsor High, we pride ourselves on being respectful and inclusive. We listened to the concerns of the student body and have decided to change our name to represent the school and what we stand for more accurately. 

With the rebranding, we are aiming to add an aspect of consistency in order to engage a more regular audience. Upon our return, you can look forward to all of our new uploads every Thursday at 3 pm. 

All previous uploads have been moved to the new “Archives” section of our website. They are still easily accessible to the public, simply in a way that allows us to distinguish between the new and the old. 


What to look forward to

Upon our return on December 2, 2021, we will be publishing the thoughts of many of our student contributors discussing the return to school, particularly in these times. You will be able to get to know our staff, made of more underclassmen than ever before, learn about how our new freshmen are feeling about starting high school, and discuss the issue of masks in schools. On top of that, we will be beginning a new fictional series that will be published on a bi-weekly basis. 


How to be involved

To be more involved in our paper and the school community in general, please come back weekly to read our new stories. If you have any suggestions, or would like to join our staff, feel free to contact our advisor, Mr. Andrews ([email protected]) or reach out to our new newspaper email address ([email protected]). 

We look forward to seeing you on December 2!