The Sprouting of WHS’s New Garden Club!

The Sprouting of WHSs New Garden Club!

Brett Lefurge, Student Volunteer

The newest club to Windsor High School has just been introduced, and it promises to be one of the best yet. The Gardening Club will meet every Thursday in room E207 and is led by Mr. Joseph Oblon and Ms. Hebert. Despite having met only one time so far, the club has many ambitious goals they want to meet by the end of the year, and beyond.

The initial goal the club has is to learn how to plant and take care of seeds. They are going to create a seed-making kit, to help people get started with the hobby. During the first meeting they got to know the people participating by finding out about their favorite plants, so everyone will be able to do something they enjoy. This club will also be attempting to grow gardens at the homes of everyone in the club, as well as at school. This way the participants can continue the hobby on their own and gain experience at the same time. They will be doing this for others and holding greenhouse and garden sales, so they can grow the community even more. This club will also be educational, in the way that it will speak about how humans have been taking advantage of the water system and ways we can fix it. It will also teach about the history of agriculture, and the ways humans have been intertwined with gardening.