The WHS Student Council: Smile, We’re Making Plans!

The WHS Student Council:  Smile, Were Making Plans!

Lucas Smith, Student journalist


What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish proverb

Recently, in the midst of the mid-terms, Student Council Club Advisor Ms. Felicia Hamilton made time to answer a few questions about the Council’s coming events: In particular, Spirit Week and a Winter Pep Rally.

Ms. Hamilton noted that one of the main responsibilities of Student Council Club is to plan events that support the student climate and culture of the school. Events such as these are the yang to the yin of daily academics. 

On the horizon, Ms. Hamilton assured that “We are going to have a Winter Pep Rally this year to highlight the winter teams, and a Spirit Week to re-ignite the morale of the school.” 

Spirit Week is  February 13th-17th, and here is the lineup: (Decades Day / Cupid’s Day of Love / White Lie Wednesday / Culture Day / Winter Pep Rally 4th Block). 

February 17th is also the date our Windsor Warrior Boys Basketball team takes the court against Northwest Catholic. 

The Student Council, with a nod from Cupid, is bringing us a dose of School Spirit.  

Finally, for future events, the Council is considering a Spring Carnival –outside with lots of games– as well as student vendors– like last year’s Homecoming Festival.