Reflections: Spirit Week 2019 at WHS

Amber McKenzie and Faith Barile, Contributing Writers

Imagine actually walking through Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network or maybe even the Jungle…. During Spirit Week this magical experience can come alive. Anything can. Spirit Week is a special week leading up to Homecoming where students attend school to show their school/team spirit by dressing up with the days’ themes. As many people as possible participate and represent their grade so that at the end of the week when the points are added up their grade can win the bragging rights and the title of “Spirit Week Winner.”

Spirit Week can get very competitive. But, this is what makes it fun. But, as much fun as this week is, what most students don’t know is that it takes lots of preparation to make  sure all of the themes and details are perfect.

Mr. Kendrick Moore, who is in charge of coming up with ideas and preparing for spirit week, he explained the long process of preparation for Spirit Week. Student council and the Leadership Council get 

together to discuss what themes each grade will have for the week. Once they all agree on themes then they can proceed to plan the pep rally and make sure that its an enjoyable experience for everyone. The point system is also put in place and discussed by them so that when a certain grade wins its fair and square. It’s based on percentages because due to each grade having a different number of students, the percentages will make it fair.

Now, a breakdown of the scoring results of Spirit Week:

Day 1 of spirit week was Heroes vs. Villains; Grade 12 won with 35% of the points. 

Day 2 was Nationality Day; Grade 10 won with 50% of the points. 

Day 3 was Awareness Day; Grade 11 won with 68% of the points. 

Day 4 was TV Networks Day; Grade 11 won with 58% of the points. 

Day 5 was the last day of spirit week; Grade 12 won with 63% of the points.

The hallway decorating was won by the Seniors as well. 

When all the points were tabulated, the Senior’s had earned the most points.

Mr. Moore added that, “The Leadership Council does a masterful job with the planning and execution of Spirit Week. They work extremely hard behind the scenes to create something magical for the Windsor school community.” 

Whether you are a student or a teacher, Spirit Week is an important part of Windsor High.  English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Narkawicz, said that it is about, “Showing pride in your school.” Mr. Osunde, our principal, stated, “Spirit week is an opportunity to build community, demonstrate pride and honor tradition, and decide for the future for who you want to be as a collective whole.” He then added that, “Spirit Week is a time where we can honor tradition and and look at the core piece of the student body and be proud of teamwork.”


Finally, these results show the essence of Spirit Week and how fun and competitive it can be. Be sure to participate in the next Spirit Week and show your school pride. And remember, you can always help to plan Spirit Week and have a say in future themes.  

Our personal experiences from Spirit Week: 

Amber McKenzie: Personally, as a newbie to high school, I really enjoyed spirit week. From dressing up according to themes, to seeing what other students were dressed up as, was entertaining to me. My favorite part of spirit week was seeing how competitive everyone was. There were lots of people who wanted so badly to win and were making sure that everyone remembered the themes. Also, taking a walk through the different hallways that everyone decorated and seeing different ideas come alive was fun. It was as if I was walking through different channels on TV, which was awesome. Not to mention, it was like dressing up for Halloween without all of the candy, on heroes vs. villains day. The pep rally topped everything off as well. Seeing everyone cheering, chanting and getting charged up as the sports teams walked in the gym with their different introductions. Even getting to see the excitement on the winners of the homecoming courts’ face was exciting. 

Faith Barile- “Spirit Week to me was a very fun week. I had a lot of fun dressing up each day to that day’s theme, like how I wore a Wonderwoman cape, wearing face paint for other days, like “Spirit Day,” and “Nationality Day.” It was a new high school experience. I enjoyed seeing a lot of other people dress up. I actually participated each day, and helped decorate the 9th grade hallway. We had done Cartoon Network. It made me happy, laugh, and smile. I can’t wait to do it next year!!!!” – Faith Barile