Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay


Keilianette DeJesus, Student journalist

An extraordinary ecosystem named the “Bahía Bioluminiscente” located in southwestern corners of La Parguera Puerto Rico, is famous for glow in the dark effect, produced by single cell marine plankton organisms when disrupted by movement.

  According to Guinness records:

 “When agitated, these microscopic organisms react by emitting a blue-green light    for about a decimal of a second. There are other bioluminescent bays around the island, but the Mosquito Bio Bay is the one that shines with the most intensity, its shallow and small entrance from the sea impedes the waves from washing away the dinoflagellates; and the mangrove trees, with their decomposition process, provides abundant food for the micro-organisms.”

There are only five ecosystems that exist in Puerto Rico with a big population that contain 160,000 microscopic organisms per liter of water. In Guinness Book of World’s Records of 2008, cites Vieques Island’s Mosquito Bay as the world’s brightest Bioluminescent Bay that glows all year round.