Person to Person Profile: Special Education Teacher, Ms. Lindsey Jardine

by Nijir Walcott

Special Education teacher Lindsey Jardine at Windsor High School teaches students that need extra help or have a disability. She has two children, Landon and Trevor, and has been married for five years to her husband Brian, who also teaches special education at a middle school. 

Ms. Jardine has been teaching for 15 years now, and concerning the challenges –and successes– of her job, she says they are, “the struggles of lots of paperwork, and seeing kids happy and successful.”

 Ms. Jardine grew up in Southington, CT and graduated Southington High in 1999, where she also played varsity lacrosse. She went to The University of Delaware for two years and played rugby there, then transferred to University of New Haven where played lacrosse. She said that in college she first earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice before she made the switch to education, where she earned her master’s degree in Secondary Education due in part to the advice of her college coach who recognized that she “would be good at it.” She added, “I never thought about being a teacher before then.” 

Now, in an average day, Ms. Jardine says, “I wake up early, go to the gym, work all day, then go home and be a mom and wife, cook dinner, get ready for bed, and then do it over again.” 

Looking back, growing up as an only child, gave me lots of time to build relationships with my mom and dad,” Ms. Jardine says,

Building relationships is her job now.

She works with Mr. Robert Fleeting, who told me that she was his best friend and they did everything together. He added that she was really funny, and fun to work with, making jokes and always smiling. 

Ms. Jardine is a great person –and cool to be friends with. She lives a good life and seems happy every time she’s at her job.