Monkey of the Month January- Popa Langur


Leila Sperry, Student Writer

Monkey of the Month

Popa Langur

  Hello Reader! Thank you for continuing the viewing of this series or starting to if this is the first issue you’ve seen. Welcome to the second edition of Monkey of the Month. This month because of the new year, it only seems appropriate to write about this new species.

Research on the topic suggests Popa Langurs have actually been around for a long time but it was not confirmed until DNA matching made it clear there was a new population of these monkeys.

  Though this species was uncovered so recently, they are endangered due to habitat loss and generally small population size to begin with. However, there is hope for the future of their existence as their low population size puts them on a more critical status for conservation laws and practices.

Though there is limited information on them, some facts about them are that they have a diet of fruit and plants and live in trees as seen in the picture above.