Monkey of the Month: Emperor Tamarin

Monkey of the Month: Emperor Tamarin

Leila Sperry , Student Writer

Monkey of the Month 

Month of December

Emperor Tamarin

A lot of people crown monkeys as their favorite species without ever learning about the vast number of primates in their species. Hopefully this informational series will help you learn more about these highly intelligent human-like creatures.

The Emperor Tamarin was the perfect choice for the first installment as people are getting in the mood to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the United States and around the world, Christmas. Easily identifiable by its distinct white beard, this breed of course resembles Santa. That’s not the only interesting thing about these little guys.

Emperor Tamarin monkeys only weigh one pound on average which makes it very easy for them to leap through trees in the Amazon, where most of their population resides. They are also very social animals as they have been known to love attention and touch when observed in captivity. Their diets consist mostly of insects and vegetation from the outer branches of trees which are readily available to them due to their light weights. Their small size makes them very appealing as pets although monkeys should not be kept as pets.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Population Size: Undetermined (due to illegal trading  and deforestation)