Holding Onto a Heart


Chukwudumebi Ojei, Student Writer


Kimora Wynter, Grade 12

Healing Wounds

Kimora Wynter’s oil pastel drawing, Healing Wounds, provides a realistic visual of the process of healing, especially in an emotional aspect. The picture shows a pair of hands fixated on a heart; one holding the heart in place, the other bonding an open area of the heart with a needle and thread. The art piece imitates the third dimension and incorporates a sense of realism. The drawing shows me how painful the emotional healing process could be rather than the wound in itself. The heart symbolizes the act of showing emotional affection or love towards someone or something. When a tear or wound forms, one has been emotionally (or even physically) damaged by a cause. The healing process could take a longer time than it took to be punctured or wounded. There are steps needed to be taken to reach full recovery, which involves a series of bumpy roads and hard tests. The needle represents this. As it is inserted in and out of the tissue, it might be painful, but in the end it seals the wound and helps it heal more efficiently. The tests we face emotionally can stitch us back to a stable state based on how we respond to them. That is the secret to healing wounds. The accurately drawn model of the heart and hands are astonishingly beautiful. The creativity with the background was also eye-catching.