Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Keith Carter, Student Writer

March 17th marks St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that according to Boston College professor, Mike Cronin,  originally began in 17th century Ireland “as a religious feast day that commemorates the death of St. Patrick in the fifth century.”  Cronin however, notes that it was here in America that St. Patrick’s Day took hold as a visual celebration. He explains that the “tradition of parading began amongst Irish Catholic members of the British Army in New York in 1766,” and then flourished as the increasing number of Irish immigrants, who experienced so much negativity from the established population, used this day to “display their civic pride and the strength of their identity.” 

Today, 3/17 is typically represented with images of leprechauns, pots of gold, and four leaf clovers. St. Patrick’s Day, in addition to its Irish roots, also has a rich Irish-American culture behind it.

Interested in trying something new today? Many Irish-American families celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a filling meal of corn beef and cabbage.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all who celebrate!