Fish Friday- Edition 2: Hermit Crab

Fish Friday- Edition 2: Hermit Crab

Miles Jeffers, Student Editor and Writer

Welcome to Fish Friday, Fridays all about fish!


There are nearly 7,000 species of crabs, living in shorelines, freshwater, and seawater alike. However, you don’t see many crabs in the bedrooms of children across America. Hermit crabs have become popularized pets, seeing them with painted shells for sale along the boardwalk at any beach you may frequent. 

With there being 800 species of hermit crabs alone, you wouldn’t want to befriend just any of them. Of course, most of the violence of hermit crabs is aimed towards their own kind, with them having a tendency to gang up on other crabs with a shell that they prefer and would like for themselves. 

This is arguably the most recognizable trait of hermit crabs, the changing of their shells, that is. These little guys can also be identified by their curved, soft abdomens, as well as their nocturnal lifestyle choices. 

Hermit crabs are edible, but not a particularly filling snack, having to find a victim over four inches long in order to get a substantial amount of food. There are very few reports as to what hermit crabs taste like, but I am willing to sacrifice myself to find out!