Fall 2021 Blood Drive

A Post-Pandemic Comeback

Fall 2021 Blood Drive

Miles Jeffers, Contributor

Fall 2021 Blood Drive- Post-Pandemic Comeback

WINDSOR, Conn. – On Monday, the 18th of October, students and faculty here at Windsor High School donated a total of 33 pints of blood, exceeding their goal of 30 pints. Mr. Chrisis and his 1A Intro to Healthcare class are to thank for this, running the first of three blood drives to take place this year in partnership with the American Red Cross. I had the opportunity to sit in on this event and interview those involved, from Mr. Chrisis, to the student workers, to the donors themselves.

Amelia, a 12th grade student, donating blood.

These blood drives have been running for around 30 years here at Windsor High, although taking a break between February 2019 and now, due to the current pandemic. Because of this gap in opportunities for donations, there has been a blood shortage nationwide, making this event particularly helpful to people at this time.

Many students mentioned that they donated because it allowed them to help others. Not only that, but one of our 12th grade donors encourages others to donate in the future because you are able to help others without having a negative effect on yourself. As the blood drive has prided itself on, one pint of blood save 3 lives, meaning that the donations collected at our school alone could save 99 lives.

Tatiana, another senior, encourages others to donate because it creates a stronger sense of community. She has been excited to donate since she was a freshman, understanding the importance of helping others, with members of her family having blood related illnesses.

On the other hand, many student donors were nervous for the donation process, having to mentally prepare themselves in the days before the drive. Many students described the experience as fulfilling.

This was also the experience of the Mr. Chrisis’s students, saying that they were proud to have the opportunity to help with such an event.

Please be on the lookout for the winter and spring blood drives, and sign up to donate if you are 16 or older. In addition, if you are interested in healthcare overall, I highly recommend that you look into taking Mr. Chrisis’s Intro to Healthcare class next year for the opportunity to work on one of these drives yourself.