Cooling Off, Or a Hot Debate on Corporal Punishment?


Miles Jeffers, Student Editor

At our very own Sage Park Middle School, cages can be found surrounding the perimeter, purportedly housing students who have been known to misbehave or cause problems within the school community.

While this seems a controversial approach at mitigating and managing problem students, it is rumored that the school was down to their last options.

Seen in the photo above, students are clinging to the bars, and appear to be waiting for their daily meals and bathroom break, hoping for the day’s end to come as soon as possible…

While this may be the appearance of a new disciplinary technique added to the perimeter of Sage Park, on further investigation, Windsor Wire reporters have found that the school is in fact working to make the lives of students somewhat easier, by adding new AC (Air Conditioning) units that will be housed in the “cages.”

This may seem anticlimactic, but it is a huge win for all Sage Park students— until they begin serving multiple purposes, that is.