Senior Leah Gray (Tuned-in to Experience): Personality Profile

Gianna Venturini, Student Editor

Do you know senior Leah Gray? Leah plays soccer, runs track, plays trumpet and is an amazing person to go to when you need any kind of advice.

Leah started playing the trumpet in fourth grade because she “… just wanted to play an instrument”  and is still playing the trumpet today—and plans to continue into college. Her favorite song in Jazz Band she says, “has to be ‘Brighter Day.’” Leah says that even though some solos she plays are harder to learn than others, she feels confident while playing them.  Her 5th-grade music instructor, Mrs. Morese, influenced her and gave her a reason to keep playing. She made Leah realize that she wanted to be a leader, not a follower.

Another part of Leah’s life is soccer, which she started playing in first grade. She said, “I chose it because I saw my dad watching it on TV and I wanted to try it.” Leah also plans to play soccer in college. She says that her 5th-grade travel soccer coach encouraged her to “…just like, do my best.” She puts her thoughts into action, she says, when she is “scoring goals –and saving goals,” since she plays defense as well. In five years she sees herself maybe as “a professional soccer player.”

Leah is nice, and funny, and a good person to go to if you need to talk. She is successful, and has a great future planned.  In college, she plans to study to be a meteorologist. “I’m really fascinated by it and I would like to make it my career choice,” Leah says. 

On a more whimsical note, Leah says that many people approach her and ask if her hair is natural. “That’s because I’m mixed,” she says. If Leah could travel to one place in the world, she would go to Dubai with her best friend Lyndsey. In Dubai, she and Lyndsey would race in one of their cars, ride a camel and go to a desert. 

Leah’s favorite year of high school so far was sophomore year.  She says “it was just really fun and I just love the pep rallies and stuff like that.” Leah says that her least favorite part of High school is “the school work, homework all that.”  Leah Gray is a shining star, and we will miss her after she graduates!