COVID Vaccine Affecting Students and Children of Windsor

Article 4

Tyah Washington , Contributors

Covid 19 took us all far whirlwind when it began but none of us expected the impact that we have on children and how dangerous it could be outside of just catching Covid.

COVID-19 has impacted us in ways other than physical and has changed this world forever.
On a day today we were all leading lives full of distraction in positive and negative ways. Mostly the distractions were positive that kept us busy but with COVID-19 we were all forced to sit with our thoughts and conform to an entirely different lifestyle. This was very specific for students who had to gain an education from home with no source of escape or limited resources to assist with their mental struggles. We all knew how important it was that we all return to a normal lifestyle as soon as the vaccine was in place and those are the steps that we began to take in January 2021. It was just released in the month of May that children as old as 12 years old can begin receiving the vaccination for COVID-19. Well this seemed like a little step in the right direction it backfired as we learned about the mini side effects the vaccine has on adults so far causing blood clots from Johnson and Johnson, and newly released information that Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson can cause heart and liver issues in the future. This is not the released information parents are very hesitant to give their children a vaccination which will lead us a step backwards and re-opening America.

Schools will attempt to gain capacity when students get vaccinated but this is being done at a slower rate than it was for adults when they released that adults can get vaccinated in April 16 of 2021.
Well major corporations are working on the side effects of these vaccines there are pros to us as a nation getting the vaccines especially if kids and students begin getting in the vaccine.
With students returning to school we could see a higher graduation rate and increase in percentage of academic grading in comparison to in home schooling at the time of COVID-19. Also if students returning to school they will have more resources to help any mental issues or any changes that has happened in their life due to COVID-19 such as loss of a family member lost a friend or more events that can cause psychological episodes for those suffering with anxiety or other mental illnesses. With a return of students going to school this would also mean healthier students because they will be able to go outside more room for happier moments with friends and staff.

Also the more students to get vaccinated that means amazing news for school such as Windsor high that will create more job opportunities for teachers and improve the school system overall.
If Wednesday decides to take that step in the direction of getting everyone including students vaccinated this can be in a whole lot and Windsor can be made of an example of a town that has gotten all of their students vaccinated and can see improvement in students academic if done so. Students have a more opportunities for and escape of their home life parents will be able to receive the same as well as teachers who might be Limited to their home as well due to personal reasons.

The people in Windsor are also affected from the impact of the COVID vaccine. And with the kids from Windsor High also starting to take the vaccine, there could be a new lease on life beginning in Windsor over the curiosities of the new vaccine and how it will benefit us and our district.