After School Tunes: Jammin’ in J-108

Naomi Cotto, Student Editor

We see people walking through the hallway everyday who may be unaware that they may have musical talent; it could be singing, or playing an instrument.  In fact, there is plenty of musical talent and experience to be exposed at Windsor High School. Just hearing a person play piano is an experience that everyone should hear, especially if it’s unique and original. We go to games and practices, but there aren’t as many chances to observe and develop musical talent—-or are there?

A little known corner to go and share music is in Mr. Gary Nolan’s Room J-108.  To most students passing by, the musicians there are invisible, behind the door in a room full of instruments, but open the door and ….. There’s a person singing, a person playing piano, a person playing guitar, and another playing the drums. They all find a way to play and sing together, with a singular song. That’s an experience not to miss. They play music because they want to, not because they have to. It is musical talent, yet to be seen or heard.

If you want to play, or listen to music like this, go to the music recording studio, J-108, after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; the teacher who’ll be there is Mr. Nolan.